Welcome to Brela

Brela is small touristic resort located in Makarska riviera. In Brela you can see the beauty of crystal clear sea, enjoy 6 kilometers of natural pebbly beaches, feel the scent of the pinewood which is for the most part protected monument of cultural heritage, walk the numerous footpaths that branch from the promenade by the sea, visit old hamlets built in dalmatian architectural style, and climb at the top of the mountain Biokovo. From the very beginning, Brela has been the important part of touristic activity of Makarska riviera as a place of natural beauties and rich cultural heritage. Comfortable accommodation with friendly hospitality of the local people ,traditional dalmatian cuisine , vines and songs are the trademarks of Brela’s long time touristic tradition.

Municipality of Brela consists of two villages : Brela Gornja ( Upper Brela) situated in hinterland of mountain Biokovo (for the most part settlement is set inside the Natural park Biokovo) and the settlement Brela that comprises few hamlets placed on the both sides of the main road with Soline and Donje Selo being the biggest ones.

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Come and visit and hopefully you will discover that once you have seen Brela you would wish to come back again.